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TREC Training and Program

TREC is a combination of Horse and Rider competition skills. TREC goes beyond the Dressage & Jumping arena and has an element of Endurance riding and Technical Trail riding. Horse and Rider teams are judged not only on their riding skills but also on how well they are able to find their way with the use of map and compass. There are several elements to this program. Dressage, Jumping, Endurance, Obstacle negotiation and mathematical ( tech ) skills. Riders are judged on how well they do flat work exercises within the arena, then they go with map and compass through a series of obstacles over the landscape  to find their way to the finish line. This portion is a timed event. There are many ways to earn and lose points along the way. Given that there are so many different elements, there are plenty of areas to work and practice your skills upon. This program helps riders and their horses become very well rounded in more areas of horsemanship than any other sport of its kind.

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