Horseback Riding Lessons & Training

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About Our Facility, Trainers & Clientele

OUR FACILITIES:  We are located in the beautiful horse, vine & wine country of Somerset - Fairplay, California.

Our riding and training facility comes with full inside stable board or a pasture setting if you prefer.

We have a "covered" full size regulation Dressage arena, so that we are able to ride whether its rain or shine.

OUR TRAINER: Jan Trigg was born in Southern CA in 1960.  She spent her childhood there and began her riding career at the age of 8, exercising other people's horses.  She started riding with a professional trainer at age 10 and began showing and competing at that time. She won her Equitation Medal at age 11.

Her 5 day a week training regimen led her to an interest in Jumping and she discovered that a solid base in Dressage was essential for this as well as all riding disciplines.  Since this discovery, most of her training has been in that quintessential riding style.

Jan attended the University of Southern California ( USC ) earning a degree in Business/Finance while maintaining her riding and training at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. In 1991 Jan moved to Las Vegas where she began honing her current expertise in colt starting, endurance riding and technical trail riding while increasing her skill level in Dressage.

While Jan is interested in all aspects of horse training and riding, she is especially keen on the basics of riding with a heavy emphasis on Dressage.  She has taken the best of all training techniques from such learned experts as Steffen Peters, Isabell Werth, Jane Savoie and others. She also uses many of the Western style trainers methods such as John and Josh Lyons, Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox and many others and developed her own personal style that resonates well with beginners and advanced riders alike.

Obviously, horses are Jan's passion.  Let her share that passion with you !

OUR CLIENTELE: Our clients range in ages from 10 to over 80. We cater to the absolute beginner, one who may not have touched a horse before, to seasoned adult amatuers. We always advise our clients to read, watch DVDs, and to practice as much as they can in the riding style of their choice to further enhance their learning experience. 


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